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Video Game Development

Video Game Development (Photo credit: Dot Diva)

Here we’ve listed some links to external sites that you should find useful.  We may or may not have internal information for these here at Project: Make Better Games.  We are linking to these to allow independant research on your part in order to allow you to gather more information regarding the subject matter.  Further down you will find links to resources that are available for free.  Resource links like images and sound files, while free, may require you to add credit, link backs, or some other effort by you in order to use them.  As always, read the information on the site and follow their license requirements to the letter!  If you can afford it, purchase the item to avoid any restrictions they may have, but read the license carefully.  Sometimes there are limitations even on the things you purchase.  Always make sure the item(s) are “Royalty-Free“!

These links are for further reading into game development and related information.

These links are for game development resources and other related materials.

  • Free Digital Photos.net – You never know when you can use a free texture, photo, or background.  While these photos are free, they usually have the requirements of posting a link back to their site. (See their website for complete details.)  You may purchase an image to be removed from these requirements if needed.
  • SourceForge – A great resource of free software of all varieties and functions.  This is an open source collaboration website where developers and programs can get together to create applications that they allow us to use for free.  As such, you may find what you’re looking for but it could be in the planning or development stage.  Not everything is ready for distribution, and even if it is, it may be for testing purposes only.

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