Intro / Site Rules

Knowing where to start on your journey of making a game is not always clear.  But we must remember, even the most valiant of heroes come from humble origins.  It is easy to be overwhelmed by the lingo, terms, and just plain knowing what you need.  Some of us take this information for granted and respond to questions with responses that are hard to follow by the beginner.  I’m going to try to avoid this as much as possible.  If anything is confusing, please let me know and I’ll try to explain it in a different way.  Just because an article or excerpt makes sense to me and seems easy to follow, doesn’t mean it is.  Also, if you know of a better way to explain something or even a better example, please don’t be shy.

Let’s make things as simple as possible and keep things structured.  But to do that we need to work together.  As we work together we must at all times respect each other and do not lash out with hurtful and degrading comments.  Everyone has opinions of which we try to pass off as fact.  In order to avoid this we must provide information to back up our opinions with facts.

“Such-and-such is the best because it provides an easy to follow user interface…”

“I prefer to use this program because of the excellent community eager to help with your questions…”

These are just a couple of non-specific statements that can be used to back up or justify your opinions.   So here is a list of basic rules which will be added to as time goes on.

1.  By using this site you are agreeing to be bound by these rules and any future changes.
2.  Any requests to alter your behavior or use of this site by an admin or moderator will be followed by you.  Any abuse by a moderator using this rule should be reported to the administrator.
3.  Do not publish, post, or reply with anything racist, hateful, or insulting to anyone using this site.
4.  Make all posts as clear and understandable as possible.
5.  Try to keep all posts, questions, etc. as complete as possible. Any posts helping anyone should be kept understandable for beginners and be accompanied by an example designed to clarify what is being said.
6.  No spamming. Spam comments, posts, and replies will be removed are marked as such.  This means they will never be seen by our site’s users.  So please do not waste my time or yours.
7.  Please make all posts, comments, and replies in English.  Accents and slang are acceptable.  The reason for this: I know English and have to translate everything posted in any other language.  In my experience, most every non-English post is spam or inappropriate.
8.  Any non-English posts are subject to automatic deletion.  I do not object to posts in English which is translated into another language within the same post.
9.  You acknowledge that there are many other rules that may not be listed here and can be added later and also agree to abide by them as they are presented.

Hopefully we will have fun and be productive on this journey of ours.

~ William (Animinity)


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