Game Editor

Game Editor
by Makslane Rodrigues
Supported OS: Windows • Mac • Linux 

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Game Editor is powerful and full of potential, but it is not recommended for a beginner.  This is a quote that was found on the testimonial page at their website:

I have been using Game Editor since 2006, and I have to say, it’s come a long way since then! Game editor has always been good, but since I had no idea about C programming that much, at first it was a pain in the neck to learn :P. Eventually, I got better at it but still for some reason I remain not that good of a programmer. Maybe its just because I only learn what I need to get the job done? Anyway, for those who haven’t used Game Editor, download it and start making games!

You dont really need to know C to make a game, but it does help a lot!


  • Cross-Platform Windows, Pocket PC / Windows Mobile, Handheld PC, Windows Mobile-based Smartphones, GP2X and Linux.
  • Free for non-commercial games
  • $99 a year for commercial games displaying Game Editor splash screen.
  • $1,500 a year for commercial games no restrictions.
  • Scripted tutorials that are run from within the game editor! More can be downloaded.
  • Infinite work space area.

Unlike most of the other game development packages you’ve seen listed on this site, Game Editor uses scripting for events. Pop up buttons with commonly used functions and variables that are in your game simplify the C/C++ scripting you encounter, but as always you need some background in programming to use this feature effectively.  Most of the other game making solutions use visual programming of sorts, so you don’t need to know the code or syntax of the language.

Another unique feature is the work space.  You layout your entire game in a grid defined by regions.  These regions seperate the game levels/scenes in a story board type fashion.  Need more space, click and drag your mouse to move everything over to make more room.  The coordinates at the right of the menu bar shows where your mouse cursor is and also helps you figure out where you are at on the work space.  If there is a way to pop a certain area into view, I couldn’t find it.

Game Editor seems to be a great way of making games for free without limiting any features.  But expect to have to spend extra time learning how it works, although the macro/script based tutorials do make the task somewhat easier.


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