Construct 2

Construct 2
by Scirra
Supported OS:  Windows Vista/Win7

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After using and loving the first Construct I want to love Construct 2.  With Version 2, Scirra rewrote Construct from the ground up and, as such, the interface is cleaner and the language more stable.  But there is a problem with the Licenses.  While reasonable in price, you cannot create a complex game without buying the Standard license even if you do not plan on selling your game.

The 100 event limitation in the free version means you have to make every event count.  While they [Scirra] claim to have used only 70 events in the creation of their Space Blaster Demo with great enthusiasm, the truth is you only have 30 events left to create any additional content.  I’ll admit that the demo is very impressive, but it doesn’t have anything to qualify it as a game.  Want to keep score, add enemies, a story line, options screen, possible end credits?  Suddenly, 30 events doesn’t seem like many at all.  The demo itself gives a hint on how to handle the credits, a single message at the end of the level, by using a text object at the end of the level.

In short, unless you have enough start-up cash to afford one of the licenses, you may want to stay clear.  Otherwise, this is an excellent game development solution that I would strongly recommend.

With that ugliness out of the way…
Unlike the original Construct, Construct 2 is focused on mobile gaming.  There is no longer anyway to create a platform specific program.  HTML5 is the default platform with a few more choices available to you, some are even experimental [Read: Beta] in nature.  The big hitter here is the ability to create games meant for the “Chrome Play Store” on android devices.  Remembering that Stencyl 2.0 has only iOS support [iPhone, iPad, etc.] this may be your best bet with the android market.  Stencyl 2.0 and Contruct 2’s support for other formats tend to be expanding to cover a good portion of the mobile market while neither are ideal for free game development since their 2.0 versions, both are great if you can afford a license.

Difference in Editions/Licenses: Free Standard Business

Intuitive User Interface

Yes Yes Yes

High Performance Engine

Yes Yes Yes

Complete Manual

Yes Yes Yes

Box2D Physics Engine

Yes Yes Yes

Make Facebook Games

Yes Yes Yes

Export to Chrome Web Store

Yes Yes Yes

Play games offline

Yes Yes Yes

Commercial Use

No Up To $5000

Event Limit

100 Unlimited Unlimited

Layer Limit

4 Unlimited Unlimited

Object Grouping

No Yes Yes

Preview on LAN

No Yes Yes

Project Sub-folders

No Yes Yes

Event Search

No Yes Yes

Bundled Sound Effects

16 124 124

Bundled Background Music

3 12 12

Bundled Ambient Sounds

3 12 12

Bundled Sprite Packs

1 3 3

An Awesome Profile Medal

No Yes Yes
As of Date:





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