There is more to enjoy than just these posts!

If you look closely at the site, we have other things to do!  At the top we have a site navigation bar which includes an intro (which needs to be overhauled) and Game Development Software link where you can read about the various game making packages we’ve tried out.  If you’re starting out and don’t know which to use, this may come in handy.

We also have a forum (link on right next to the search box) which is in desperate need of moderation and someone to set it up properly.  I’ve got someone lined up to take on the task, as soon as he can get internet access again.  He’s suffered from this economy the same as the rest of us.  But I’m willing to have more than just one moderator and some dedicated individuals to breathe life into the forum.  There should be areas about game making, just chatting, role-playing, and anything else you can think of.

Yes, we are new to the scene, but we want to make a difference by placing all the information a developer needs in one place.  2D is what we are working on now, but fully plan on supporting 3D game development as well.  Even if you have a home for your information, please share it here as well.  It’s hard surfing the internet for dis-joined information regarding software that one needs and for access to resources.  Help us to combine the fragments of information into one place for future developers!

Feel free to contact us with questions and suggestions.  We are also willing to take on help with the blog as well.  Anyone who wants to discuss or review Mac only game making options are encouraged to contact us.  None of us on the team currently has a Mac to test these options out, but would love to have them featured here!

Thanks everyone for all your contributions!


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