Your Cellphone’s Missing Feature

So, you’re at the airport (grocery store, bar, or wherever you happen to be) and you get to talking to someone.  So you (or they) ask for their (or your) cellphone number.  This could be for business or to meet up sometime later on when you have more time.  So out comes the phone or the paper and pen, suddenly everyone around you can hear “Okay, so what’s your number?”.  Most of us just say it aloud, the more security conscious of use will take the paper or phone and input the information ourselves.  But shouldn’t there be a better way?

With today’s technology there should be a way of sending our contact information directly from our phone to another persons without complications.  The phone could broadcast a slight hello and, if someone is within range, can receive or send a request to share the contact information which could then be accepted or declined at the other end.

For example:  Let’s say I have a new cellphone.  Under my phone’s user information (aka. My Contact Info) I put my name in: “William”.  Now via a short range transceiver the person next to me whom I’m talking to sends me a contact request.  My phone makes a notification sound, I take it out and click “Accept”.  Now they have my contact information.  An additional prompt just asked me if I wanted to add their information to my contacts list.  I look up and think “Yeah, she’s pretty cute.”, so I click yes.  Now she’s looking at her phone and it prompts “William is requesting permission to add you as a contact as well. [Accept] [Decline]”.  Of course, being won over by my personality, she accepts.  Now either one of us can call the other to meet up if we have spare time.

Now that’s a feature that would simplify my life.  How about yours?

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2 responses to “Your Cellphone’s Missing Feature

    • Thanks for the heads up. The reality is the feature needs to be universal and standardized to be convenient or useful. It does not make sense to have it and never have the opportunity to use it, except for maybe rare occasions. That’s my opinion anyways.

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